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Information Technology Services & Solutions

Delivering Intelligent IT and Business Solutions

Information Technology Services and Solutions (ITSS) is a global technology and consultancy company located in Lebanon and serving clients worldwide.

At ITSS, we believe in maintaining long term relation with our clients and we always concentrate on delivering high quality products and services on timely manner.

We seek to be the ongoing partner of all our clients through not only providing continuous IT and technical support but ensuring updates implementation, being flexible with customized requirements, and providing constant consultation services.

In terms of business, ITSS offers a wide range of services and solutions to satisfy all the needs of our clients through our customizable solutions related to information technology and to business intelligence using big data analysis.

Our devotion allows us to obtain maximum satisfaction from our clients; thus spread our reputation through them all over the world.

We put before our eyes the say: “Not only taking your hand to lead you to success, but holding it all the way” and we aim to help our clients drive business performance while optimizing costs and increasing profitability. This is done through valuable business processes and IT solutions with best fit and best in class products and real time analytics.

Tony Kairouz

Founder & CEO of Information Technology Services & Solutions - ITSS

Our Vision


Trusted key partner and IT advisor

By delivering excellence in IT infrastructure, services and solutions

Successful global information technology company

Delivering innovative, robust and value driven products and services and helping our clients apply technological solutions to their problems

Introduce a set of processes and instruments

That will allow to closely track the business performance of our clients and assist in the implementation of their corporate strategy

Our Mission

Utilize the power of technology

To build quality infrastructures and to develop and maintain effective operational systems


Deliver reliable, secure and cost effective IT services

To enhance our client’s competitiveness amongst others and cost effective IT services and solutions

Organize the information

To use it in business intelligence reports in order to help clients run their businesses and operations, better improve their financial status and realize their full potential

Our Values

Innovation we will bring to our customers businesses in terms of custom based IT services and data analysis

Speed and excellence of the execution of our projects

Trust placed in us by our clients to be efficient and effective in serving

Level of professionalism of our team who is ensured to follow strict codes of ethics and maintain high level of security regarding our client information & business

Security of the technology resources and information entrusted to our care

Being the best in driving positive change to our clients businesses so profoundly they can’t imagine going back to their traditional ways

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